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EGOHEART 1999 (BIOnighT 01)

by BIOnighT

Egoheart 08:45
Technoflight 06:46
Timegod 08:47
Campoalto 06:31
BIOnighT 17:38
Technofly 06:13


All music composed , arranged and performed by Sbrizzi faBIO and Mac of BIOnighT in 1999.
This was BIOnighT's first album and the first chapter in the trilogy of albums known as "The Cosmic Trilogy".
The albums belonging to this trilogy are:
01 - Egoheart
02 - Afterpost bionight.bandcamp.com/album/afterpost-2001-bionight-02
03 - Daybreak bionight.bandcamp.com/album/daybreak-bionight-03

(From some original notes by Mac of BIOnighT written in 2010, one year before BIOnighT split):

"Many years have passed since we recorded this album, and at one point I felt something more could be written about it in order to share with our listeners the history of these tracks, so here we go:

Egoheart was written and recorded partly in the BIOlofT (FaBIO's home studio where we used to write our music and record the MIDI data) and partly at Synthuary (my home studio where we used to mix and record the material and where the whole process of composing, recording, mixing and mastering is now carried out), and it was the last song we wrote for this album. We almost didn't start it, as that night we were both very tired and didn't feel like playing; after a couple of hours we decided to give it a try anyway, so we went to the BIOlofT and - after fumbling around for a while - came up with the bass sequence. We also almost didn't finish it, as it arrived just before our summer break and we had already put all of our energy into the rest of the album and didn't feel like going on working. We had to try to convince each other to put some more effort into it, and fortunately we managed to. This track could have been lost forever, both because it might have not been started at all and because it might have not been finished... We are glad it's here now.

Technoflight was simply something I came up with while mixing the album because I felt there was another facet to Technofly other than the techno thing, so I just eliminated all the rhythmic parts and played the new bass and drums parts.

Timegod started as a techno/dance sequence and then evolved into what it is now; unfortunately, no recording of that first version survived.

We wrote the main structure for Campoalto in a little church a summer afternoon after getting the permission to take our gear into it from the custodian, who stayed there with his nephew to see us play. At the time of writing (January 2010), that's the only song we've written outside our studios.

Bionight, too, started out as a techno sequence to evolve later into the suite it is now. It took us over three months to complete it.

Technofly was written for a techno music contest, but the funny thing is that FaBIO had no idea what techno music was, he just had never heard any song of that kind - when he showed me the form to fill in for the contest he actually thought that the word "techno" stood for "electronic"! So we could only start working on the song after a crash course, but he did a good job nevertheless. The pleasant theme you can hear in this track is taken from one of his solo tracks featured in his retrospective solo album "Naif Music"; if you have this CD, just go to min. 3.24 of the third track (Tomtom), and there it is."


released April 4, 1999


all rights reserved



BIOnighT Luino, Italy

Cosmic music/Berlin School duo from Italy, BIOnighT were active from January 1999 to January 2011, when they split. They recorded a total of nine albums and one single, originally included in Syngate's catalog. Their albums are now available again here on Bandcamp as quality downloads, numbered in chronological order to make collecting them easier. Enjoy this little piece of history. ... more

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